6D Crash after initial ML setup and test videos

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Installed the latest nightly build on top of Canon firmware 1.1.6 on my 6D and setup the camera to test some raw video. Everything seemed to be working well. Then disabled raw video settings and rebooted camera to shoot regular video. Then a ghostly image of what the camera was facing would appear shortly after turning on camera in live mode and be "burned" or overlaid onto the screen. Shortly after this the camera becomes unresponsive and even after turning the camera off, the image on screen would remain. Only removing the battery allowed for shutdown and restart. 3 restarts and it still happens.

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  1. jaski21

    I'm a first time poster and didn't have my account setup, but I am the one that created this issue.

  2. jaski21

    As a follow up, it seems stable now after having turned off a couple other settings that had been turned on while setting up to test RAW video. I set the camera in still mode to avoid the video crash issue while changing settings. Whatever it was surely was crashing due to some dependencies issues. Would be nice if there was an auto-deactivate on features that required dependencies that have been disabled.

  3. Alex

    The crash was from LiveView (maybe FPS override?)

    Sorry, none of the active developers has a 6D. You'll need to find a way to reproduce the issue...

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