Movie recording stopped automatically data corruption at slot 43, frame 123

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My CF card completely filled up while using the 5DMKiii magic lantern setup. I want to dump the files to my Mac Book Pro but the card no longer mounts using a CF card reader. It doesn't even show up when I plug t he camera directly into the computer with the card in. What do I do? I want the data and I need to shoot more.

Thanks, Adad

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  1. Alex

    You'll need to copy the raw card contents (dd if=/dev/your-cf-card of=card.img, or here), then use a data recovery utility.

    If you can find a way to reproduce, I'll look into it. Otherwise I'm afraid there's not much I can do, sorry.

  2. lamassu81

    Thanks for the suggestion Alex. I tried unfortunately it seems that I can't actually access the card from my computer. It just doesn't recognize that it's there in the first place. Not even in disk utility.

  3. Alex

    Are you able to see the files on the camera, with file_man and/or mlv_play? If you don't see the files, is there any error related to CF card?

    In any case, make sure you don't write anything to the CF card.

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