Live view fault

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Roger Caballero Jonsson created an issue

After installation ML (magiclantern-Nightly.2017Aug18.600D102) Live view do'nt work. Se file ML-fel.jpg

Regards Roger

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  1. Alex

    Does it work well if you start the camera without card?

    If yes: look in Modified settings menu and go back to default configuration.

    If not: make sure you have backed up the original ROMs saved during installation.

  2. Roger Caballero Jonsson reporter

    Yes it works when i start without card. Do you mean "Clear all camerasettings"?

  3. Alex

    No; there is a menu named "Modified" (delta icon). There you can see what settings were changed from default, and disable them until you find the one that caused your issue.

  4. Roger Caballero Jonsson reporter

    I have not that menu. 4 red "camera" 2 blue 3 yellow and 1 Green with a star. No delta icon.

  5. Daniel Fort

    I think you are looking at your Canon menus, a1ex is referring to your ML menu. I saw that LiveView issue before. What solved it for me was to delete all of the ML settings. You can find them on your card in the ML/Settings directory.

    a1ex might prefer that you disable them one at a time in order to find the one that is causing the issue.

  6. Daniel Fort

    Yes, though if you want to figure out which setting is causing the problem you might want to copy the settings someplace before you delete them from your card. See if removing the settings clears up the problem, put the settings back onto the card and check if the issue returns. Report back.

  7. Roger Caballero Jonsson reporter

    I removed the MAGIC.CFG, i did not have any impotent settings so i do it from the beginning.

  8. Roger Caballero Jonsson reporter

    The problem was the setting "lv.peak = 2" in MAGIC.CFG, i removed this an everything's ok.

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