mlv_re, mlv_sound modules not loaded

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dilesh created an issue


For canon1200d, i downloaded nightly build of sept 15 , and installed it , looks like mlv_rec , mlv_sound modules are not listed on this version.....i can see mlv_play listed though.

Just wanted to check if it is a known issue for canon1200d , also , if we have a fix for this anytime soon :)


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  1. dilesh reporter


    sorry, i am still new to this ...when you say source is available . do you mean the modules are there ?

    in the nightly build i downloaded looks like the modules were missing.


  2. Audionut

    Good intentions. Unfortunately, good intentions only make people feel good, they don't solve problems.

    No ML, no ML related issues. No new builds with cool new features to test. Stagnation. It become clear that for long term stability, the ML project needs to be supported. Since ML is an open source project, that requires contributions from the community towards the project.

    When you post obscure links on a bug tracker, you target audience is approximately 10 users..............Actually I way over-estimated that number. Look at the download stats for the 1200D.

    Let's be kind and assume there are 100 users who have downloaded the 1200D build. Unfortunately for the ML development project, most users are only consumers. They have no intention of contributing to the open source collaboration, only consuming the hard work of ML developers, free of charge. Free as in beer

    And so with that mindset, it's becomes easy to assume that maybe, if we be kind, that only 10% of the users who have downloaded the 1200D build will ever visit this projects bug tracker. Remember, these guys are consumers, so if they come to a bug tracker, it's to report a bug, and these guys generally have no idea what a search function is (in my experience). Let's say that 50% of the guys that visit this bug tracker, search, find this thread, and the builds you have posted.

    Well, ML has dire warnings all over the place warning users that if ML breaks your camera in half, you get to keep both pieces. There are many users on the forum who make it quite clear that they are afraid of bricking there shiny brand new camera, and thus are afraid of installing ML. So let's assume that one out of the five remaining guys won't touch your random completely unsupported builds with a ten foot pole.

    So, out of 100 potential users, you support (and I use the term "support" loosely) four. Now, all other things being equal, four is better then zero.

    But what if we consider that instead of spreading obscure, completely unsupported random builds of ML with no source code available to bug trackers, and instead convinced the developer of the build you posted to help ML by pushing his code changes to the main source code, then the fixes that this developer is applying would be pushed to the nightly builds in the main ML source code. If this were to occur, each and every single user of 1200D builds benefit from this action. Not just one user, or four users, or ten users, or twenty users, every single 1200D user would benefit. The developer would also get credit for his work inside the source code of ML, related documents and changelogs.

    Think of the bigger picture.

  3. bruno

    I do not know why this anonymous programmer did not pass the source code for you to analyze. I'll try to contact him to see if we can find out.

  4. bruno

    Hello Audionut I liked your comment, all you said is true fear is not using a reliable source anymore use an unknown source, believing that the user who bought a canon T5 / 1200d did not buy a canon t5i due to being more expensive the price, and soon realized that using a suspicious source may cause serious problems in the camera of who is installed, I posted this link because I did a test of raw recording and turned by slow but I believe it to be my memory card that records at 20mb / s , I believe if I put a card that writes in at least 95mb / s would solve my problem. But the truth is that I intend to buy a Canon T5i and install the version of Magic Lantern that is already okay than risking using this one for canon 1200d and taking the risk of damaging my camera for once. But if you can finish the magic lantern and leave it without bugs for the t5 / 1200d canon, I'll be able to use it again. Unfortunately if every user and programmer of the Canon T5 / 1200d if they were united all users of Canon 1200d would benefit, unfortunately not everyone thinks that way.

    The world is dominated by evil the devil, may God help us !!

  5. Audionut

    We don't need God to do anything. Simply remove the links. Problem solved.

    What happens if these builds contain some bug that bricks peoples cameras? Have you tested the software that you are distributing as if you are doing QC for a company?' Or do you not care. The only thing that matters is you can record raw video, right? To hell with anyone who might have the camera bricked as a result of using this software.

    Plausible deniability? That sounds like the devils work.

  6. bruno

    When you are in video mode when you press the trash button the magic lantern menu does not open then you can not trim the video options, which until then would only open if I was in the video.

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