Using HDR Bracketing with long exposure times (T2i/550d)

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Just tried the HDR Bracketing with the ML Build for the T2i/550d (magiclantern-2011Jan12.550d.fw109.manytweaks.alex). It worked perfect when i used a starting exposure of 1/20, taking a picture sequence of 9x1EV. However with a starting exposure of 1 second or more the camera only takes 2 to 3 pictures.

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    I did some more testing using the lcd remote shoot and the camera took 6 pictures. With the 2 second self timer it only takes 3 pictures.

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    So I tested the "magiclantern-2011Jan16.550d.fw109.NoAudioMon.focus+zebra.alex" build. I noticed a little improvement as the camera now takes 7 pictures with the lcd remote and 4 with the 2 second timer. I also wanted to thank you for your great work!

  3. Former user Account Deleted

    Firstly I would like to thank the extraordinary work that Magic Lantern group has been doing.

    The problem with ML HDR is not the number of bracket photos taken. The problem seems to be, after some experiments, the shutter speed of the longer exposure.

    for example, with 9 x 1ev you can:

    take 9 shots with inicial shutter speed of 1/200 (longer bracket = 1/13);

    take 9 shots with inicial shutter speed of 1/8 (longer bracket = 2");

    take 8 shots with inicial shutter speed of 0,5" (longer bracket = 8");

    take 4 shots with inicial shutter speed of 2" (longer bracket = 4");

    take 2 shots with inicial shutter speed of 4" (longer bracket = 8").

    Can anyone confirm this?

  4. Pedro Mota

    Yes it does. Better, but not perfect. :)

    In the example above (9x1ev), with initial shutter speed of 2", now i get a total of 7 shots:

    2" (0ev); 0"5 (-2ev); 1" (-1ev); 4" (+1ev); 8" (+2ev); 15" (+3ev); 30" (+4ev).

    I can't get: -3ev and -4ev

    With initial shutter speeds of 1/200, 1/8 and 0"5 everything is just perfect!


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