ghost image crash on 550d

Issue #2783 resolved
nonsence0 created an issue

When I enable the "ghost image" feature my camera crashes when I try to shoot a video having a "ghost image" shown. I then have to remove the battery in order to restart the camera and I have also to move quickly to the menu to disable "ghost image" before it crashes again. Any recommendations as I need to use this feature for a project?

I'm attaching 3 crash logs from this.

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  1. Alex

    Are older builds any better regarding this issue?

    Does it still crash if you use a lower frame rate in Canon menu?

    (not sure what could be causing it)

  2. nonsence0 reporter

    yes it still crashes on lower frame rate. the thing is that it crashes before I rec something - just by showing the ghost image in movie (or photo) mode. I installed previews builds and I got lucky (so far) because in 2016Jun13 Build it seems to work but the interface lags.

    I wonder If I can do anything to make it work on the current build.

    Does anyone else have the same experience as me?

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