60D 1.1.1 Crash during "MLV file" with "AF-ON" button

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Hi there,

I have observed crash on my 60D 1.1.1 when: shooting MLV file M42 lens mounted on 60D via adapter without electronic (only mechanical bayonet mount) * pressing the "AF-ON" button

60D was able to continue shooting, but saved the log file and ask politely to upload it :)

Best regards Michal

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  1. Michal Powalko

    Hi Walter,

    I have just updated to the newest build (magiclantern-Nightly.2017Sep30.60D111) and cannot reproduce crash anymore (seems that have probably been due to "unlucky" ML settings used or so). Nevertheless, with the option "REC Key - shutter" on, the recording will stop when pressed "AF-ON" button as it would be the shutter button - this might might be improved in the future. Sorry for inconvenience...

    Best regards Michal Powalko

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