Bug with Gradual Exposure in combination with ML Digital ISO

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Petr created an issue

There is an issue with using Gradual Exposure in combination with ML Digital ISO.

When Digital ISO is turned off, then Gradual Exposure is working fine. But once Digital ISO is activated to some other value than 0, the Gradual Exposure starts to flicker very time when you start changing some of the exposure values (ISO, shutter, speed).

Flickering does not happen in this combination if there is no light in the scene, for example with lens cap on or when you already started changing the exposure values and keep on doing so before the Gradual Exposure has caught up with the new value.

It's not a deal breaker, since you can turn off Digital ISO if you need to be using Gradual Exposure, but still would be nice if this is fixable.

Cheers, Pete

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