Problem/bugs with ML HUD layout with 16:9 full screen external monitors

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Petr created an issue

There are several layout problems with the HUD layout when using an external monitor with DSLR zoom mode to fill the entire 16:9 screen.

  1. The battery icon is no longer visible, so you can not tell if the battery is getting empty.
  2. With no cropmarks selected (16:9 mode) there are still solid black bars on top and bottom of the screen covering the picture behind it, so you can not judge the framing properly.
  3. Even with workaround of creating an empty crop mark (makes the solid bars transparent) the black barks in the audiometers left and right channel remain solid, also blocking the frame. Would be great if the black color in the audiometers would be transparent of even non existent.
  4. Also for other on screen elements like the histogram or waveform etc. it would be great to have the solid black color changed to a transparent color in order to not block the picture behind it entirely.
  5. There seems to be a bug when starting up the camera in 16 by 9 menu layout. The upper black bar is shown white and the audio monitor is shown twice - on the very top and slightly beneath it. Goes away once cleared overlays or entered menu.

I attached several photos of my external monitor with the descriptions in the file name as well as written in the picture itself of the picture.

In general it would be great to have the frame as little covered with solid elements as possible, in order to have a clear view on the screen.

If I can be of any help with layout or graphic design, please let me know. I am glad to help out.

Cheers, Pete

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