Crash every time on boot.

Issue #2802 closed
Jack Piket created an issue

I'm using the firmware for the EOS 1100d, last nigthly, here is the crash log

ASSERT: 0 at Memory\Memory.c:580, task Gmt lv:1 mode:3

Gmt stack: 1322a0 [132440-131840] 0xUNKNOWN @ ff07c990:132438 0xUNKNOWN @ ff1ee634:132410 0xFF1EE090 @ ff032db8:1323d8 0xUNKNOWN @ ff1ee0c0:1323c8 0xUNKNOWN @ ff1ee148:1323a8 0xFF032D5C @ ff0fef00:132360 0xFF1EE090 @ ff032db8:132328 0xUNKNOWN @ ff1ee0c0:132318 0xUNKNOWN @ ff1ee148:1322f8 0xFF269B20 @ ff0fbdc8:1322f0 0xFF06D780 @ ff06d870:1322e8 0xFF070CFC @ ff06d73c:1322d0 0x00C80468 @ c804e4:1322a0

Magic Lantern version : Nightly.2017Aug18.1100D105 Mercurial changeset : 0752dd8e7182 (unified) tip Built on 2017-08-18 00:24:19 UTC by jenkins@nightly. Free Memory : 190K + 409K

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  1. Alex

    The differences between the two builds are very small. Is the issue reproducible? If so, what are the steps to get this error?

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