Flickering Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO when using Auto Exposure Module

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When I load the auto exposure module and shoot with my 5DII, the shutter speed, aperture and ISO values flicker all over the place, both on the screen and inside the viewfinder.

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  1. almarsden

    Lens cap off, just shooting in manual (indoors, lit room, 50mm 1.8 STM) with the module loaded. Canon firmware was up to date before installation, and latest nightly build. I did notice on the main screen too the shots remaining flickering between 1009 and 999 (the ML shots remaining and the Canon shots remaining). Happy to do any testing/troubleshooting required to assist this amazing project!

  2. almarsden

    Yeah does exactly the same with the lens cap on, when you remove your finger from he shutter button it continues until you restart the camera.

  3. Audionut

    The shots remaining is linked to ISO.

    Been so long since I've used this module. Does the module deliver desired results? I remember there being some flickering of the values. I'm pretty sure that's the module overriding Canon. I was expecting different results with the lens cap on because I wasn't thinking hard enough.

    If you make sure EC is 0 on both Canon metered and autoexpo metered shots, they should deliver the same rendered brightness on the LCD. Make sure not to move camera between shots, and that light stays the same.

  4. almarsden

    It produces accurately exposed shots but not at the selected aperture, shutter speed or ISO, it seems to be like using auto. EC was set to 0 every time, I've also tried it with a 100-400 and it does exactly the same. Is it worth me trying an older release?

    When I get home I'll do a quick video and upload it.

  5. Audionut

    It is called auto exposure module.

    Re-read the first post for the module in the forum. Pay attention to the images posted, and how those images show how the exposure settings are adjusted depending on scene luminance (automatically).

    You can adjust those settings (in the module) so that the camera uses the settings that you specify.

  6. almarsden

    I completely get it now, I was looking at it from an Auto ISO POV as opposed to a Programmed Auto, thanks! :-)

  7. Audionut

    Trusting is Ballsy.


    At scene luminance 16 EV, use ISO 100, f/16, 1/8000s. At scene luminance 8 EV, use ISO 100, f/4.0, 1/500s. At scene luminance minus 4 EV, use ISO 12800, f/4.0, 1/44s with 2 EV of underexposure.

    It's the same thing as full Canon full auto, but the user controls the variables (pre-set with the module). In the above example, you can see the red line (shutter speed) getting bumpy as the ISO is adjusted. With Canons full auto mode, the shutter would just continue to slow until the slowest shutter set by the user, before raising ISO. Also in the above example, the user has decided to allow some underexposure at scene luminance 1 EV and lower (even though there is adjustment in ISO and shutter to allow correct exposure).

    I'm pretty sure in Canon's mode, once it hits the user defined slowest shutter speed, that's all she wrote. Where as with this module, you can keep shutter at some defined speed, then once scene luminance drops even further, you can sacrifice motion for exposure.

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