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Hello, sorry for my english. I hope you will understand my question.

I have the Canon 650D with magic lantern (one year without problem). But today I can not turn on the camera. After switch on is the display off and card slot LED diode blink. I tried other SD card, without card, other battery, but camera is still off. I have message from service, that I must change mainboard for 200 USD (they didn't see my camera). I tried "Magic Lantern Rescue" - photo of result is in attachment.

Is it software or hardware error? How I can repair it?

Thank you for your answers.

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  1. Walter Schulz

    Portable display test works with card compartment door open. ML requires door to be shut (as plain Canon firmware). Maybe there is a hardware error and your cam's card compartment switch doesn't work anymore.

    Test: Remove battery, open card compartment door, remove card. Insert battery, close battery compartment. Turn power switch to ON. Now locate card comparment switch: Door has two "noses" fitting into some holes top and bottom. The bottom "hole" contains the switch. Use a small tool to press the switch. If cam powers up ... Well, you have to tell us what is happening...

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