Bit rate change fails with external mic - magiclantern-Nightly.2017Oct31.5D2212

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Denis Wong created an issue

Hi All, Changing bit rate to 3x or other settings appears to work ok using the internal mic on a Canon 5d2 with the latest nightly build. But changing this to an external mic or with audio settings such as int and ext. The fail is that when you press record movie, it records some frames even sometimes a minute or so. But then stops with no error. And playing back footage reveals a stuttered record. Had to revert to default 1x to get it ro record again.

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  1. Alex

    Proof please (controlled test where the only changing variable is mic setting). Make sure the image content allows reaching the selected bit rate (otherwise the test is not valid, as that setting is only an upper limit).

    Also, please be aware that pushing the bitrate to 3x is known to cause issues, see and also look at the forum and the old mailing list (as the bit rate control is one of the oldest features).

  2. Denis Wong reporter

    Thanks for your reply, Alex.

    Only just got back and did some more tests. Did more simple tests but this time it appeared to have worked. Will test out a bit more on more complex scenes, but as you have noted, there are possible issues with this feature. Have noted this.

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