Cropmarks disapearing

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The cropmarks on the EOS M seem to disapear when changing screens via the info button when returning to the ML screen or when returning from the playback screen.

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  1. Garry George

    Have noticed similar behaviour when scripting and 'got round it' by doing a scripted half_shutter press.

    Does doing a half_shutter press work for you?

  2. Garry George

    Alex this is what I see in using my Focus Bar. If I clear an area of the screen, ie using color,TRANSPARENT, eg to clear something that was previously written there, then the ML cropmarks in that area do not come back unless I do a half shutter press in my script.

    I've tested this in my script, ie comment in and out the half shutter press.

    BTW I do all my drawing inside the display.draw() call.

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