ISO/Kelvin Overlay Is Not Apearing

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I'm turning on "ISO/Kelvin" and "Use SET button" in Arrow/SET shortcuts, but the overlay does not appear in LV before/after starting RAW video (MLV) recording. Pressing UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT button on Navi pad does not change settings during preview or recording. If "RAW video (MLV)" is turned OFF in "Movie" tab, ISO/Kelvin Overlay appears and functions only during recording, but does not in LV preview mode. This bug appears in both Latest Build (2017-12-07 01:53) and 10/12-bit RAW video Build 33.

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  1. Alex

    Did it work in any older builds?

    BTW, the shortcut key for 6D is:

    //AF pattern Button
    #define ARROW_MODE_TOGGLE_KEY "Foc Pnts"
  2. Alex

    Before doing that, please confirm you have pressed the shortcut key mentioned above. By default, arrow keys won't do anything until the shortcuts are activated.

  3. 6D_ML
    //AF pattern Button
    #define ARROW_MODE_TOGGLE_KEY "Foc Pnts"

    Unfortunately, I do not know where to look for the shortcut you provided. Is it in camera ML menu?

  4. 6D_ML

    :) Got it, Alex. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Pressing the AF pattern button does bring up the ISO/Kelvin overlay. However, there is another issue present in the Latest Build (2017-12-07 01:53) and 10/12-bit RAW video Build 33. When in LV video mode, I bring up the ISO/Kelvin overlay, do necessary ISO/Kelvin adjustments, hit record RAW video (MLV). Then try to change ISO again while recording... Only 1 stop adjustment is possible, UP or DOWN. Consecutive attempts to lower/increase ISO do not succeed, but the worst part is that video recording can't be stopped by START/STOP button. Restarting the camera with OFF/ON switch is required to stop recording.

  5. 6D_ML

    It's probably better to close this ticket and open another one, is it? I won't be able to close it, since it was started under "Anonymous" profile.

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