No automatic switch from CF to SD during Intervalometer action on 5DIII when CF full

Issue #2830 new
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Using magiclantern-Nightly.2017Dec07.5D3123 the automatic switch on full card-slot 1 to card-slot 2 is not working during intervalometer-activity. Switching works if card-slot 1 is full and intervalometer is starting with first shot. Then it switches to card-slot 2. But if card-slot 1 gets full during a longer sequence, the switching doesn't work. Instead the camara goes to powersafe after the configured time. Test-conditions: 10sec exposure. Intervalometer set to unlimited, 15sec interval. RAW image storage. Card-slot 1 contains CF with space for 2 shots. Card-slot 2 contains empty SD-XC. Start intervalometer - after 2 shots it should automatically switch to card-slot 2 and continue

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