Chroma Smoothing doesn't work at frame edges

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Daniel Fort created an issue

Chroma smoothing stops working when it gets close to the edges of the frame.

BTW -- would it be possible to add the dcraw median filter into mlv_dump? Looks like it might work even better than chroma smoothing and there's an option to run multiple passes.

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  1. Daniel Fort reporter

    So that's why they are similar -- though not quite the same? I wrote to the dcraw developer (Jan. 14, 2018) but haven't gotten a response. This probably isn't high on his list:

    Hi David,

    Several people on the Magic Lantern project have been using your dcraw application with great results. I recently discovered the median filter and it does an amazing job of removing what we call "focus pixels" on certain raw images. One problem, if the focus pixel is right on the edge of the frame the median filter has no effect on it no matter how many passes of the filter are run.

    This forum post has more information along with screenshots to illustrate the issue.

    Here is a link to a file with focus pixels on the bottom of the frame if you want to check it out:

    Thanks for the great work on dcraw!

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