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I discovered the tool and I'm doing the same thinking because I updated the firmware version 1.10. From 550D

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  1. dedalios-fr

    hello two days ago i updated the firm of my canon550d? then I discovered your firmware. If we look at the version of the firm supported by your product it is version 1.09. can this update of the firmware be a risk to use magic lantern.

    Canon upgrade Firmeware on 1.10 on http://builds.magiclantern.fm -> 550D / Rebel T2i -> Installation , it's Firmeware on 1.9 is use

  2. Walter Schulz

    As written in installation instructions (short form in download area, long version in Install Guide/FAQ): You need the version matching ML version. For you: 1.0.9. Downgrade! @a1ex: Close as invalid, please.

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