My EOS1100D just became a paperweight

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Ross Hopkins
created an issue

Hi all,

Well I decided to install ML and give it a try, but I think in the process I have wrecked my camera. I have a Canon EOS1100D, that I am using to learn photography.

I ran the installer for ML (latest build), and now I only get a flashing light continues forever and the camera is non-responsive.

I am really hoping that I have NOT wrecked my camera! and that I can restore everything back to where it was. I have attached a small video of the flashing light.

Some help would be much appreciated

Kind regards Rossco

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  1. Ross Hopkins reporter

    Hi, Thanks for responding, I used the latest build and the flashing light started after I was asked to reboot the camera....

    Cheers Rossco

    Kind regards Ross

  2. Alex

    Can't find a reason why it would get stuck blinking like that, but I'd like to find out; can you create a SD card image following these instructions ?

    Also, please follow the troubleshooting procedure from the download page; just don't format the card before creating a copy of the contents, otherwise I'll have no idea what happened.

  3. Ross Hopkins reporter

    Hi Alex, Unfortunately, in a panic, I removed the card and deleted all the ML stuff that was on it.

    Is there a way that even Canon could revive the camera (at a cost obviously) or any way at all I could restore it to where it was?

    Cheers Rossco

  4. Ross Hopkins reporter

    DOH! what an idiot I am, didn't read the troubleshooting properly the first time, I was so flustered at the thought I had actually recked the camera.

    Put the battery back on its own without the card and it powered on OK, thanks for making me look at that again Alex, you are a life saver :-) Not sure I will try and reinstall ML though, although I do love a lot of the features it offers, although they are no good if the camera is broken.

    Thanks again Alex, Much appreciated Cheers Rossco

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