Recording RAW 5D with CF 160Mb/s Impossible

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Hello !

I am using a 5DIII and wanted to record in raw 1920x1080, all the right setting are done, but it still can't record more than 2-3scd.

And when i test the card it say writing at 20.1Mb/s, i can't found anywhere how to fix the pb..

Does someone know how ?

Thanks a lot

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  1. Walter Schulz

    Unable to view your images. Use a decent UDMA-7 compatible cardreader with a fast connection (USB 3.0) and some benchmark tool (Windows: CrystalDiskMark, OS X/macOS: Blackmagic Disk Speed Test) to verify card's write abilities in sequential mode. Use CameraMemorySpeed web site to compare your findings. If your numbers are way off: You have purchased a forged card. Contact seller and get your money back.

    Always test your new card(s):

    If your card is doing fine inside a cardreader you might have tested your SD-card speed ...

  2. sattin

    Hello Walter thanks for your answer, i will do the test but i went to canon shop this morning and they test it with a new card CF (128g 160Mb/s) and it's the same problem, so it's not fro the card..

    And i selected on the menu, CF card always and not SD card ..

    I will join the picture

    Thanks a lot ! !



  3. Alex

    It doesn't matter where ML is installed; however, the CF must be selected in Canon menu. Exception: the experimental 4K build always records raw video to CF if it's inserted.

  4. Alex

    Complete screenshot of the benchmark process, please (without opening other dialogs during the process).

  5. sattin

    I will send it to you tonight (i don't have my camera with me) but when i did it yesterday it was written 20.9mb/s for all.

    Thank you for you help

  6. Walter Schulz

    Abstract: a1ex and I are pretty sure you benchmarked your SD-card. Numbers you got are consistent with SD-card limit in 5D3 and no other person has problems reaching write throughput > 80 MByte/s with fast UDMA-7 cards. -> Everything points to user error. If you want you may install ML on your CF-card and redo benchmark test without SD-card inserted.

  7. sattin

    I will instal it tonight, thanks a lot for your help i will let you know if the pb is still here !

    Very appreciate your Professionalism Walter and Alex

  8. sattin

    Hello Walter and Alex,

    I did what you said (put MJ on my Cf card and run my camera without the SD card). And nothing happened, still the same problem. i maid the benchmark process, here are the pictures of it. And also i went to a Camera store, and they put a 128G 160/Mbs wrtiting San disk Pro (so the most powerfull they had) and Recording in raw failed, they use to use MJ and know it very well and said that they have no idea what can be the pb, they said may be to see with the 10 or 12bit, but nothing more. What could i do more to fix the problem ? Thanks a lot, have a nice day !



  9. Walter Schulz

    Yupp, looks like. CF-card interface failure having this result? Don't believe it and don't have to believe it: It's time for cardreader and CrystalDiskmark/Blackmagic Disk Speed Test and h2testw/F3.

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