Magic Lantern prevent use of external audio in SL1/100D

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Using Magic Lantern, connected the output of an external audio mixer from soundman without any microphones connected. It should have cut off the sound from the internal microphone of the SL1 camera but it didn't. Had to use a sd card that didn't have ML on it.

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  1. Alex

    There are no audio controls on 100D from ML, but it shouldn't interfere with Canon settings either.

    Can you reproduce the issue? Does it help if you press INFO at startup to bypass loading ML?

    (sorry, no 100D here, so can't help much)

  2. StephaneT67

    After testing, I got it wrong. ML is not preventing external audio use and external audio is still functioning as it should. What lead me to believe that is that ML VU meter doesn't switch to external audio when external audio is connected and will only switch to it when you press record. Here is how to reproduce the bug: turn on the camera with ML, display ML vu meter, they are showing the camera microphone as they should. Now connect external audio into external audio input (just a jack 1/8 without microphones so you get silence). SL1 says "External microphone connected" but ML vu continues to show the camera’s microphone audio. Press RECORD and now ML shows external input, which is silence. Stop recording and remove external audio from camera jack 1/8 input and ML VU still shows silence. Press Record and it now shows camera's internal microphone. I hope I am clear.

  3. Alex

    That probably means Canon code switches the input when starting to record, rather than when plugging the mic. Possibly also when going to Canon menu to check audio settings.

    Not sure what we can do about it, other than implementing full-blown audio controls (which is very hard to debug without a camera in one's hands).

  4. StephaneT67

    Thanks! The good thing is that now I know it's still works. I don't know if that can help, but when I am not recording and looking SL1 "manual audio" menu (that's the only place you can see the VU meter in SL1), the VU switch from internal mic to external input as soon as I connect the external wire, all before I start to record.

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