Activity LED flashes constantly on 60D

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Nagy Attila created an issue

Sometimes after I turn on my camera, the activity LED doesn't stop blinking after the usual few seconds but keeps blinking. It's not a rhythmical blink, more like a random blinking, like a hard drive LED under medium activity. When this happens the GUI is sluggish as well, when I try to start the ML GUI firstly the normal Settings are shown, and a few tenth of a second later the normal ML GUI appears. Switching between tabs is slow as well.

It's not an easily reproducible issue, there are some times when it does not show the symptom for a few weeks, and sometimes it produces the error every time no matter what I make. Once I even tried to reinstall the current ML version, but it did not help.

I'm using ML for a few years on a 60D (firmware 1.1.1 as told), now I updated to the latest version ( but this bug is with me for 1-2 years, only now I finally have the time to report it.

What can I do, should I include some other information to properly diagnose the issue?

Ps: I couldn't find anything related between the existing issues, but if it's already reported/solved, please point me to the proper place.

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  1. Nagy Attila reporter

    Firstly, thanks for your help. Actually it happened in almost every situation, but it definitely wasn't the 'every 5 sec blink'. But it seems that maybe I frightened it enough with reporting it so that now it behaves. I couldn't reproduce it since I wrote this report. I know this is a little vague, so I will wait a little and see if I can reproduce it by using my camera as frequently as I can. Until then I attached my settings if you can see something in it.

  2. Alex

    Nothing unusual in the settings.

    Format the card from Canon menu and choose to restore Magic Lantern. Do you see the LED blinks after reboot?

    If the SD is slow, it may take a little more than a few seconds, but once it's complete, it shouldn't happen again (until the next format / reinstall).

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