ML digital ISO negative values doesn't work

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Hi guys, I don't know when this started, but I'm figured out right now in the last nightly build: I found that negative ML Digital ISO values are not working on my 5D3, in fact they don't affect video exposure, only positive values do. I also try to load adtg_gui and iso_regs modules (actually I'm not sure if these modules have influence on ML Digital ISO, just for try), but still can't see any change on exposure while setting ML Digital ISO to negative values

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  1. Alex

    This feature only affects exposure in H.264 and Canon preview (it's very old, pre-2012); it has no effect on RAW, just like Canon's intermediate ISOs. The help text should be updated somehow to reflect that.

    The adjustments from iso_regs will affect the exposure in RAW, but that's pretty much a work in progress. Feel free to experiment and report back on the forum.

  2. Lorenzo

    Yes, it's clear that it doesn't concern RAW video recording... in fact i forget to specify it: it doesn't affect exposure IN H.264 VIDEO! That's why I report it, because it seemed to work not much nightly releases ago...

  3. Lorenzo

    Ok, since the crop_rec_4k release is available I allways downloaded it... so, it works on latest main nightly build (2018-02-04) with range -2 / +1 EV, confirmed after test. In the crop_rec_4k release (5D3_1.1.3) the range is -2 / +7 EV but only 0 / +7 EV range works... Actually, I still don't understand how positive values are good for... Thank you Alex

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