Camera gets stuck in BUSY when recording Croprec 1:1

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Former user created an issue

Croprec is great but it always gets stuck in "busy" mode when I use it. You can record but you are stuck at the exposure you were at when it became busy. Is there a way around this so you can change the exposure without restarting the camera or is this a bug that can be fixed?

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  1. Alex

    Yeah, video showing what you are doing, and also the modified settings tab, should be OK. Build version, too.

  2. Alex

    Reproduced - likely mlv_lite not refreshing the memory when it should. Workaround: press MENU twice.

    Seems to be caused by the LiveView switch. Tried after changeset b7f6f1a (which doesn't do a LiveView switch) and seems to work.

  3. Markus Haraldsson

    Ok, so you can just press menu twice instead of restarting the camera, that's good to know.

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