Recording lamp [550d]

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w022a created an issue

Thanks to Alex and the rest of the dev team for the amazing work with Magic Lantern on the 550d - just donated :)

Not sure if you have gained access to the front (self-timer) lamp, but one thing I would find very useful an option to use the front lamp as a "recording indicator".

This would be useful when setting up the camera on a remote tripod e.g. at a wedding as a visual indication that it's recording - i am always paranoid that it may have automatically stopped.

I guess this is somewhat mitigated now by the "auto restart" recording feature, but still useful to have if it's a simple development,

thoughts on this?

Bests, Warren

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  1. Alex

    Interesting suggestion. I wanted to add a "lantern" mode using that light, but I don't know yet how to turn it on.

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