RAM_OFFSET not calculated in check-stubs.py

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Daniel Fort created an issue

When checking changes between stubs.S version that have the RAM_OFFSET defined like this:

#define RAM_OFFSET (0xFFCD35E8 - 0x1900)

It doesn't seem to calculate the value when it is used to compare with a stubs.S file that has it defined like this:



STUB                                                    OLD           NEW     DELTA
current_interrupt                                    0x0000064c -> 0x0000064c [0x000]
create_init_task                                     0x00003168 -> MISSING    [?????] [!!!]
DryosDebugMsg                                        0x000067c8 -> MISSING    [?????] [!!!]

The workaround is not to mix apples and oranges but shouldn't the RAM_OFFSET be calculated by the script?

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  1. Daniel Fort reporter

    Discovered while doing a firmware update on the 6D using the new-dryos-task-hooks branch.

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