Canon digital ISO Stuck at 1EV

Issue #2879 invalid
Former user created an issue

I have two 60d's one with the latest build and one with a build from a year or so ago, the new build isnt allowing me to change the Canon digital ISO and it is stuck at 1EV.

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  1. johnwilli

    Sincere apologies Alex.

    The issue was that on one of my 60D I had Highlight Tone Priority set to on.

    Sorry for taking up your time.

    Many thanks for all your amazing work.


  2. johnwilli

    I'm a bit of a noob, so a good dumb tester.

    At the bottom of that menu screen it recommends leaving this set to zero.

    So it really bugged me that my camera was not on optimal settings, hence the invalid bug report.

    I wonder if you could add, check Highlight Tone Priority at the bottom there too.

    cheers man

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