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Video Recording Stops at about 4secs

My Card is 32G at 160mb/s What should I do to record for long Please?

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  1. Walter Schulz

    Reducing required data rate (which you haven't mentioned) by reducing resolution (which you haven't mentioned) and/or frame rate (which you haven't mentioned) and/or bit depth (which you haven't mentioned) and/or use compression (not mentioned which one you used (if any)) to get the benchmarked write rate your cam/card combination is able to accieve (which you haven't mentioned. Nope, label indicates read rate, not write. And label can be faked...).

    Because this one does not qualify as "major bug" you should switch to ML's forums and do some research on this matter. It has been answered before. A lot.

    A1ex, please mark as invalid

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