Ghost image crashes 600d and 700d

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Hi there! I recently downloaded ML for the first time and I'm having a little trouble.

I'm trying to use the ghost image overlay feature and I think it crashes the camera. I go into the ML settings, chose ghost image, and turn it on. I then return to the live view, where it will show the previous image I've taken, but only in the lower half an inch of the screen. It will then sit for a second and freeze up. The only way to get it to shut down is to take the battery out, where it goes back like I never turned it on.

Am I doing something wrong? I would really like to use this feature for stop motions and any and all help would be appreciated.

Thanks, -Spuds

Canon T5i, Version 1.1.5, Build 2018-04-30

Having the same issue with 600d and latest nightly. I thought it was only me who has this problem

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