Multiple exposure-picture viewer is blocked by ML overlay.

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On 5D3, when selecting previously captured images for In-Camera Multi exposure. ML overlay is blocking the images. Everything is black except where Canon Options are displayed, like SET and next snd so on, one can see parts of the images underneath these Display buttons.

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  1. Alex

    Steps to reproduce?

    Tried capturing a multiple exposure with default settings, could not see anything wrong. Never used this feature, so I'm not sure what to expect.

  2. Kharak

    Sorry, I was writing the initial Issue on my phone and this website and its functions are lagging really bad on the phone, so it was hard to clarify or even write model name, ML version and so on.

    Running Experimental March 10 Fir 1.2.3

    In photomode, press the Creative button, select Multiple exposure, in the multiple exposure menu, where it says Disabled, select ON:Func/Ctrl, then scroll down to 'Select image for multi. expo.' The images are blocked by ML Overlay.

    This is ofcourse avoidable by booting with SET button held in, but then one loses all exposure aids from ML.

  3. Kharak

    Also in Canon Menu->Play Tab>Raw Processing, images are blocked by ML, same for Picture Protect and I suppose Image transfer. Basically when Viewing pictures via Canon Menu.

  4. Alex

    Still can't reproduce. Using the March 10 crop_rec_4k build on 1.1.3, after running Prefs -> Config files -> Restore ML defaults. ML overlays are enabled by default.

    Multiple exposure -> select image from multi expo -> OK, I can navigate through images and select one.

    Raw Processing: works from both Play dialog and Canon menu -> Play tab.

    Picture protect: works from both menus.

    Image rotate: works from both menus.

    Can anyone else confirm?

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