Raw recording crash even on lower resos 550D

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I get attached error when trying to shoot raw videos. I tried to use lower resos, below the said 21 Mb/s need speed and still I get the error. My card is R/W 45/90 Mb/s and like told the max of the camera card controller should be around 21, so why can I not shoot raw video without error?

I can mostly get the video with mlv app, regardless of the erros. And now when I tested the goodly told 960x540 at 24 fps, frames are dropped too so record stops even automatically. Sad! :(

I can not even use a reso with 16 Mb/s. And in Lantern menus, I can see it green, even about 19 - 20 Mb/s are colored green so shouldn't they work?

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