Why the images look good in the camera but are corrupted after download in my pc ?

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Daniele Chinnici created an issue

If i format the card and reinstall magic lantern it works fine but after i download and delete the images on the cf card for the first time the next time i try to download the images on the pc the files are corrupted. The camera now works fine and if i look the images on camera it looks good. It happens only with the 8gb lexar udma card with magic lantern installed and sometimes the camera also crash when i'm taking a photo (but only after i delete the images on the cf card for the first time) and i have to remove the battery and restart it. It not happens always and i don't understand why !! I'm going crazy !!! I used the windows photo software to download and delete the images from the cf card Have i did any mistake ? Can anyone help me ?

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  1. Walter Schulz

    Manual page 82: Setting Color Space. Use sRGB instead of aRGB.

    If your problem occurs with this card only: - Don't use this card again. Do low level format card, check card's integrity using h2testw. If card seems to look ok you may reinstall ML.

  2. Daniele Chinnici reporter

    Thank you Walter !! I' m using adobe RGB. The card seems ok, if i use it without ML works perfectly and the camera don't have any problem. If i format the card and reinstall ML all works fine before i delete the image from the card for the first time. I will try to change the color space to sRGB to see what happens. There is a way to recovery the images damaged or i lost that ? Thank You so much for the answer !!!!

  3. Alex

    Adobe RGB has nothing to do with this kind of corruption; it's likely the card.

    You can recover the embedded preview, to some extent, e.g. with dcraw -e _MG_2156.CR2. For this file, the preview is corrupted as well, but at least I was able to tell the photo is of a fish :)

    Please do test the card as Walter suggested, and post the results.

  4. Daniele Chinnici reporter

    Thank you Alex i suspect the problem is the card or the card reader... i try to download the images on the pc simply doing copy and paste instead using windows photo software and in this way only few images result corrupted and i don' t understand why... here is the same image downloaded in that other way _MG_2156.jpg

    I will do the test with h2testw and report you the results... for the moment thanks to all for the help!! ;-)

  5. Daniele Chinnici reporter

    I have format the card and did the test as suggested and the card is ok, h2testw didn't find any problem with the card. The card is a CF Lexar professional 800x 8gb udma7 and the card reader is a Hama "Slim" USB 3.0 Multi Card Reader, SD/microSD/CF/MS, rubber coating, white (here the link of the producer https://www.hama.com/00114842/hama-slim-usb-30-multi-card-reader-sd-microsd-cf-ms-rubber-coating-white) Maybe windows photo software can cause the problem? I will reinstall ML and try to download the images without using windows photo for the next shots but i don't understand what's wrong and were is the problem.

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