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Issue #2905 resolved
Daniel created an issue

Hi, sorry in advance if this is useless. Here's a bunch of logs that I want to get off my sd card, so maybe they can help you resolving bugs before I delete them.

I've tried to take notes what caused those crashes, but didn't come far as the situation mostly didn't allow it.

One thing I noticed is that when taking many pictures in liveview with the builtin flash, sometimes the console appears and shows something with exposure blah blah, but no idea what version, modules enabled, etc, so it won't help you.

Probably many of these are on old versions and whatever, so just close the issue if it isn't to any help. Thanks.

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  1. Alex

    Would be nice if you can find a way to reproduce.

    When the console pops up, an assert log is also saved, but that doesn't include much info regarding what you did to trigger the error. Maybe I should include settings, modules loaded, keys pressed, stuff like that.

  2. Daniel reporter

    Yes! That would indeed be awesome, as an error is often just annoying, so I'll reboot to be able to take my picture. Can't take out my phone and note what I did

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