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Anu Raa created an issue

I just downloaded and installed ML on my 5D3 yesterday. First I had the write lock on the SD card so the program could not write the backup (?) files, so I uninstalled it and installed it again. Some weird flickers appeared on the lcd screen after I started to use the camera. The screen got striped and the menu view was mixed with the image view, so you could see the view from the objective stiped with the menu view. One time there was stripes and a whole screen sized text `Cinestyle´. I have Tecnicolor cinestyle installed on the camera, isn´t it compatible with ML? At the moment of the flickers I had FPS override on.

Build: magiclantern-Nightly.2018Jul03.5D3113 Canon filmware 1.1.3

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  1. Anu Raa reporter

    The stripes are not occuring anymore but the flicker happenes only when I change to fps override on or off. It seems in the screenshots taken during the flicker to show the ML menu, view from the objective and the picturestyle menu on top of each other. Sometimes the view from the objective is zoomed in in the flicker, showing just a part of the view from the objective. At least it didn´t do it anymore in the live view or Canon menu, only when changing the fps overdrive.



  2. Anu Raa reporter

    Good, so nothing to worry about? I´m new with ML so Im not familiar with whats normal and whats not. :) And Cinestyle is ok with ML?

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