HDR video on eosm not working

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danne created an issue

Tried both crop_rec_4k and crop_rec_4k_mlv_snd branch and both fails to record HDR MLV files when selecting mlv_lite RAW video. Works on 100D and 5D3 so should work on eosm too right?

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  1. Alex

    Any luck with mainline builds?

    How exactly it "fails to record"? HDR video is just swapping the exposure for every frame; it shouldn't interfere with recording.

    Or it's simply unable to change the ISO to achieve the HDR effect? Maybe some CMOS[0] overrides interfering?

  2. danne reporter

    Issue persists on nightly builds as well. HDR works with MOV h264 recordings but it´s not alternating iso when recording MLV fies. These ends up with one iso. Maybe should try enabling the advanced HDR features when I have the time. Going for holidays usually ends up with a lot of other people involved in my time...

    cmos[0] isn´t engaged it seems. At least not with crop_rec stuff deactivated, certainly not in nightly build right?

  3. Alex

    Found this comment in fps-engio.c:

    int can_set_frame_iso()
        #ifdef CONFIG_EOSM
        if (!RECORDING_H264) return 0;  /* EOS-M is stubborn, http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=5200.msg104816#msg104816 */

    Maybe this HDR video will have to be implemented with CMOS[0] overrides...

  4. Daniel Fort

    Confirmed Danne's findings -- HDR not working on the EOSM with mlv_lite in the unified branch in "normal" mv720 mode. However, it does work in Movie crop mode.

  5. danne reporter

    This redirecting liveview buffer to mv720p seems to be affecting HDR. If setting the camera to Movie crop mode MLV hdr actually works. It´s not very easy to follow why and what register that was changed to get into Movie crop mode but that mode behaves like it should it seems. Is it possible to get only the registers affecting fps and add them to a preset in crop_rec.c to test?

    Probably loop question. This mv720p issue has always been here...

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