14bit Lossless broken when using REC-STOP function via a mini-USB cable

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First, thank you so much to the Magic Lantern developers: I am a huge fan and almost every-day user.

My configuration: canon 5D Mark III firmware 1.2.3 with Canon Zoom 24-105 T4 II magiclantern-crop_rec_4k.2018Jul22.5D3123 Ronin S gimbal firmware v1.7.0.60

I love 14bit Lossless so much that I can’t imagine using Magic Lantern without it… It makes things so light and simple. Unfortunatly I am facing a bug when I try to remote the rec/stop function of my 5D through the miniUSB cable: when I use the rec button on my Dji Ronin-S or when I use the app CANON UTILITY to remote the « rec » function on my laptop. There’s no problem shooting RAW (with mlv_lite module) as long as I don’t use « 14bit lossless » Data Format. If I do so and if I start recording, It ends up with this kind of disturbing message on the canon monitor (see picture)

and I also find an "ASSERT" file on my card (read in attachments)

Unfortunatly I'm facing this bug even if I use 1.1.3 canon firmare. I also try different ratios (16/9 or 2.35): same bug. with or without sound: same bug. with or without crop mode module: same bug.

Anyone have an idea to get around this issue ?… I’m not sure, but couldn’t it be a problem with the « Rec Trigger » function in the RAW Module? (even if I always put it off)

For the moment, the only way to make the bug dissapear is: - to give up with 14bit LOSSLESS and come back to classic 14bit OR - to unplug the miniUSB cable between the Ronin-S (or my laptop) and the 5D Mark III but in both cases, I’m so sad!

Best whishes for 2019! tom

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  1. Alex

    Error code -3 means there's no valid lossless JPEG data in the output buffer (after trying to encode it).

    To my knowledge, Canon firmware uses JPEG to transfer the LiveView image to EOS Utility. The JPEG encoder uses the same encoder (even though JPEG and LJ92 are very different), so... one simply can't use both, at least for now (unless one finds a way to sync them somehow, so they won't attempt to run both at the same time). Even if it might be possible to fix it, the resolution will be limited.

    No idea what's going on with Ronin. It doesn't seem to have a display (or does it?), so I don't know why it would require a JPEG stream. It might be just Canon firmware preparing itself for serving JPEG frames when something is connected via USB. If this is the case, it might be fixable, but it's certainly not a trivial task.

  2. Tom2 reporter

    thanks for your prompt answer. dji Ronin-S has no display. The bug happens when my 5D mark III is remote-controlled with the mini usb cable (to CANON UTILITY or to my Ronin-S), each time the button REC is pushed: on the 5D body, on my laptop or on the Ronin-S.

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