Feature "Use Autofocus" breaks Intervalometer, Audio remote, Motion Detection after focus failed

Issue #2923 new
Walter Schulz created an issue

Reproduceable with 7D and 650D with different lenses (EF-S 10-18 STM, EF-S 18-55 IS II, EF 100/2.8 Macro USM (without L)

a) Motion Detection

  1. Use Autofocus ON
  2. Enable Motion Detection with default option
  3. Make sure to have cam directed to a well lit area able to focus.
  4. Leave menu by half-shutter press. Cam will enter Liveview mode
  5. Place an opaque object in front of lens. Distance < minimal focus distance. Give cam enough time to give up on focus.
  6. Remove object.

If there is no error, repeat steps 5 and 6.

7D's reaction: Shoot like crazy, burst mode (7D.206 running dfort's build) Confirmed by user critix running 500D (latest nightly).

650D's reaction: AF will not work anymore. No pic will be taken by Motion Detect. ML version: Nightly.2018Nov20.650D104 Changeset 565ee36ef132+ (100D_merge_fw101)

b) Audio Remote Shot

Follows the same rule if trigger condition is met.

Not tested with 500D.

c) Intervalometer

Follows the same rule. Tested with Half-Shutter release in Intervalometer

7D will going crazy mode again

Not tested with 500D.

650D behaves different. Screen will be frozen Canon's "Q"-view. Pics will be taken by full press, but no reaction on half-shutter, set, info, menu buttons.

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  1. Alex

    Thanks, will check.

    The funny part is that I've used the motion detection feature to catch some birds during holidays, and it worked out of the box. I had a manual lens, though.

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