Silent Pics, option "Best Focus" broken

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Walter Schulz created an issue

How it works on 7D: Press half-shutter and keep it pressed -> ring-buffering pics until button is released. Then cam will calculate focus for each pic and stores them in order of focus precision. Number 0 will go to best focus, highest number to least focussed. Works as designed, I suppose.

What 650D does: Most images viewed during in-cam processing and in Photoshop are garbled, only about 1-3 pics are not messed up. Lowest numbered pic (always good) doesn't seem to be the best focussed.

Don't know if other D5 cams are working or not.

Minor issue: Wording. Says "Best focus" in submenu, "Best Shots" in Shoot menu.

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  1. Alex

    This requires CONFIG_LV_FOCUS_INFO; the selection is done by Canon firmware, with their own black magic. On 650D (and other recent cameras), this info is either no longer reported, or it was moved somewhere else.

    On older DIGIC 4, the focus info is not reported for every frame, so the feature is broken there as well.

    With crop_rec (increased resolution), the focus info no longer works properly (on models where it used to work). Didn't look too much into this one.

    TODO: whitelist models known to work well, and remove the option from the others?

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