5D MKii file save issue

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Joshua Wood created an issue


I recently installed the latest version of ML from probably a 4 year old build and I've noticed that it saves quite a few files that have symbols .CR2, .JPG, and .MOV (Example: #-_}?$&[.CR2 - not an actual file name, just to show you what I mean)

I'm not sure if I'm losing photos as I can not remember what all I shot each day..

When attempting to open the files, it gives the invalid location pop-up as if you were trying to open a file that no longer exists or the drive has been removed.

I've just uninstalled the latest build and went back to the next oldest build and also manually reset my file numbering because I noticed the issue right after I rolled over IMG_9999. I'm not sure if that was the issue or if that was purely coincidental.

I'll make due with the older build for now, but hopefully I can update again someday!

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  1. Alex

    Sounds like a corrupted filesystem (maybe card not safely removed or something like that).

    If you format the card in camera and restore Magic Lantern right after installing it, does it help? That way, you will start with a fresh filesystem, with no card movement between creating and using it (the card stays in the camera). That would rule out unsafe card removals.

    If it happens again after format/restore, make sure you give proper info (build version, steps to reproduce).

  2. Joshua Wood reporter

    I always power off the camera and wait a few seconds if I'm pulling the card, so I should be good there.

    I uninstalled ML, formatted card in PC then camera, put the older build back on the card and installed.

    If I have a bit of time tomorrow, I can see if it happens with this build and if not, I'll put the newest build back on it and try to reproduce the error and save the files if you want to see them.

  3. Joshua Wood reporter

    Unfortunately, due to some personal issues, I haven't had money, time, or motivation to do much with my camera over this past month. With the small amount that I have been able to do, I have not noticed the issues returning..

    I will return when I am able to get back out there with my cameras.

    Also, I’m not sure what “DWA” means, so not likely!

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