Adv. Bracketing breaks beyond 30 seconds - 5D3 1.2.3, build 2018-07-03

Issue #2934 new
Matija Kogoj created an issue

Camera: 5D mark iii

Nightly build; 2018Jul03…
Mercurial: 7a3b5fa3f4c6 (unified) tip

Shutter speed changes to 1/8000 when >30s && bracket amount >3 && initial shutter speed <=1/2000.

No permanent damage to camera.

ML Settings:
Adv. Bracket:
Bracket type: Exposure (Tv, Ae)
Frames: 4 → (1/2000 … RAW:-48)
EV increment: 8
Sequence: 0 + ++

2-second delay: OFF
ISO shifting: OFF

Camera Settings:
A=22 (Lens not chipped!)
Two memory cards inserted, ML runs from 2GB micro with SD adapter. Other is 64GB 160MB/s CF card.

Error even if EV increment < 8
Same settings with T set to 1/2500 set range to RAW:-45 ← this does not look like 1/3 difference to 48, maybe my math is off.

5D mark II (2) suffers from the same issue.

Secondary problem: interrupting the sequence by half-pressing the shutter button resets time counter but continues sequence. If interrupted by shutter half-press followed by random keypressing (e. g. trash/ML button) “CARD” is displayed on top LCD and regular beeping is heard in <1s intervals until camera turned off. Probably an error due to interruption while writing to card. If sequence interrupted by turning camera off directly T resets to 1/8000. Works fine after restart, just possibly symptoms.

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