Purple Glitches while playing in MLV App

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GaraD created an issue

Hello, I have a Canon EOS M with 50MM 1.8 USM and Viltrox M2 0.71 Speedbooster.

I have recently started using MLV App with my camera on a Sandisk Extreme Pro 64GB 170mbs v30 card.

I record primarily on 12 bit MCM Rewire 1080 at 29 fps (as the info says on the screen). When I record the recording icon on the top right of the screen is orange most of the time. I have global draw on and overlays. But everything else is pretty much default.

When I open the files in MVL App during playthrough I notice these weird purple glitches on the bottom of the screen every once in a while in the video. Is there something I am doing wrong and can someone help? I can provide more information if necessary.

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