Display off disables timelapse counter on T2i/550D/KissX4

Issue #294 resolved
santiagordgz created an issue

Hi, first of all I must say this is an amazingly useful hack/patch/upgrade, I'm donating next payday.

Today I did a timelapse of the nightsky and I wanted to turn off the display to avoid disturbing my fellow stargazers but I couldn't make it work, the counter stops if the display is off. I tried turning it off with the DISP button and by placing the strap over the proximity sensor. Autooff and powersaver disabled.

My camera is a Kiss X4, FW 1.0.9, MagicLantern: magiclantern-2011Jan14.550d.fw109.NoAudioMon.focus-peak.alex.zip.

Is it possible to fix this? I have just setup a development environment but it'll take me a little while to produce usable results.

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  1. Alex

    It worked for me only by placing something over the sensor. I did a timelapse for about one hour, with camera looking at the sky (with sensor covered).

    I don't remember altering the power settings.

    When I turn the display off (from DISP), the timer still works, but camera refuses to take the picture.

  2. santiagordgz reporter

    I already tried blocking the proximity sensor (activating it) and as you point out it works but in my case only at 1, 2, 5, 15 but not al 20s.

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