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Hi, i would be great to sync the Intervalometer of two cameras. Idea: All you need to change is to start the Intervalometer by pushing the release-button. Thenn, you can connect two 550D cameras with a simple 2,5 mm jack plug-cable, hit a button and they should be synced then. Would that work ?

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  1. Alex

    The jack is microphone input, so it can't be used for exchanging info between cameras.

    Try syncing them with audio release. If it works, I can change audio release to start the intervalometer (a third mode).

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    there is a remote jack for 2.5 plug, if not possible with ML you can spile an actual remote timer. I'd like a link up option for stereo shooting.

  3. Former user Account Deleted

    yes, it's not the mic input, it's the jack for remote-control release. By simply connecting two cameras, you can take synced pictures by just pressing the shoot-button on one camera (the other one will take the picture automatically). So it may be easy to solve the problem.

  4. Alex

    In this case, doesn't work by enabling the intervalometer on one camera and let the other one take pictures with the remote release?

  5. felix_germany

    Hi, I just checked this out with two 550d, same settings, same firmware. They are out of sync after a while. So the setting must be: One 550d is running the intervalometer Second 550d is connected (via 2,5 mm jack or USB?) and just shoots a picture when it's triggered. Checked this out and the second cam does not shoot pictures, except you hit the shoot-button on one cam. Could there be a solution ?

    @a1ex: If you do it with an intervalometer and a remote release, they'd be out of sync as well

  6. Alex

    Try synchronizing them with the bulb timer (it uses a different method for releasing the shutter). If it works, I'll know how to solve this :)

  7. felix_germany

    Hi a1ex, just connected the two 550d, set both in "bulb" mode and installed on one camera "magiclantern-2011Jan26.550d.fw109.AudioMon.bulb-timer-2.alex". Then I started the camera. One took the pictures, the other (remote) one did not. :-(

  8. Alex

    Please do the following test:

    • use this build (later builds don't have the debugging info needed for this)
    • start both cameras (with ML), outside LiveView
    • take some pictures with the "master" one; make sure the "slave" one also takes pictures
    • select "Debug->dump dmlog" on both cameras
    • send me the log files from the SD cards
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