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I was using the silent picture function (on burst mode) with the intervalometer (set to 5 seconds) and HDR bracketing (set at 3x1EV) to do some HRD timelapse yesterday. I must say that the footage turned out quite nice after all the processing!

My question is this: would it be possible to add another digit or two to the file name of the .422 files? As it is now (7831-xxx.422) it is only possible to take a series of 999 photos, and when bracketing this severely limits the possible timelapse duration (27 minutes with 3EV HDR and 5 second wait time) without dumping the .422 files from the card. Increasing it to something like 7831-xxxx.422 or 7831-xxxxx.422 would be excellent!

Thank you for your time!!!

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  1. Alex

    I'm thinking to change the numbering of silent pics when using the intervalometer. The new name will be something like: - first timelapse: aa000001.422, aa000002.422.... - second timelapse: ab000001.422 ...

    The current name is good for single frames, because you can "sync" them with the other normal (non-silent) pictures.

    There is a limit of 8 characters for the file name.

  2. Former user Account Deleted


    Yes, that would be most helpful! Can I look forward to an update with this in the near future?

    Also, is there any worry in disabling the power save feature and leaving liveview on for long periods of time?

    If the only issue is overheating of the sensor then maybe this could be solved by placing the camera outside in the cold and using a power cable instead of battery.


  3. Former user Account Deleted

    Hi, Doing timelapse with silent picture function is very helpful thing but i'm working with external shooter release trigger (for triggering focus line). While using this method i'm facing with 999 limit. My question would be why the format "aa000001.422, aa000002.422.... - second timelapse: ab000001.422" ... of files can't be adapted for all silence pictures? I can't use build in ML intervalometer because of my timelapse are producing onto moving slider and i need to make picture precisely then electric motor is stopped. Thank you.

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