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Hi, I´m new here, so: 1) Hello everybody 2) sorry, my english is really bad, I learn it watching tv.

Ok, this is my problem: I´m working in a project with next week as deadline, must make 20 interviews and some exterior shooting. Today, in the middle of a interview, i turn off the camera for replace the battery with a fresh one. The camera never turn on again.

I was using firmware 1.09, and installed this version of magic lantern: magiclantern-2011Jan30.550d.fw109.AudioMon.misc-tweaks.alex

First was panic, then i try a few things, i have this:

  • without any card, the camera turn on, lcd does not, in viewfinder shows busy an iso number (when i press shoot button. Second time i press the button it shows error 80.

  • with a bootable but empty card the lcd still don´t work, but it make autofocus, and the viewfinder shows all the normal info, it even shoot the flash pre light. But does not shoot any picture

  • with a bootable card with magiclantern-0.2.0.rc1.550d.fw109: same as no card

  • with last version of magic lantern ( the one installed) Allways shows "busy"

I know is some reported issues that look the same, but i cant fix it like those users did.

Thank you again.

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  1. rstdg reporter

    Some more tests: - When connecting the camera to the pc nothing happens. - this happens with any lens

  2. rstdg reporter

    this happens with any sd card I have: 1) a 16 gb class 10 Transdisk Epeed II 2) a micro sd with adapter 1 gb sandisk from a cell phone 3) a kingston sd (class one?) from and old bucket camera.

  3. rstdg reporter

    I tried adding the "magic.disable_bootdiskf = 1" line to the old cfg or changing the value in the card using now, nothing happens.

  4. rstdg reporter

    Yes, i did. Don´t see any change. If I turn on the camera in video mode it show "Busy" and error 80, and if I turn it on in "M" mode it works (even take pictures and save them, i so it after a few more tests) but the lcd still do not work.

  5. rstdg reporter

    I am sending my camera for service that there is nothing more than try. I tried the external monitor and there were no signs of life. I thank the good predisposition of ALex to help me, promptly answering several emails and even sending me a code to do some tests. He had no obligation to do so I used the soft knowing the risks. Also he bothered to help me. Thanks again.

  6. Former user Account Deleted

    Don't want to do useless necroposting, but... how it ended up? Did they accepted it even if bootflag was set to on? Did charge you very much? Thank your for replying me.

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