550D External Mic issue with ML 1.0.9 (R channel is louder )

Issue #325 wontfix
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550D + Audio-technica Stereo microphone(AT-9941) With Canon Firmware, the R & L audio channels recording are balanced. However, when I use ML 1.0.9 whit external mic the audio R channel is much more sensitive then the L channel. I can see the different from the audio meters and also the recorded video files tell the same thing that R channel is louder then L channel. I have tested every builds of ML 1.0.9. they all have the sam problem. I alson have the mic connected to PC and tested. The mic on PC is working normal and the mic with 550D official firmware is normal,too. Is this a new issue of ML 1.0.9 ?

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    I'm actuall mean the "ML 0.2 for 550D firmware 1.0.9" has above issue. Sorry about the typo !

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