Camera turns off/restarts itself after a few minutes.

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After about 15 mins of having the camera on while idling, the camera shuts off and attempts to restart itself. Sometimes it even struggles to restart itself with the memory access light just blinking and a black screen. It is sometimes only fixed by pressing the shutter halfway or pushing the menu button. Is this due to the powersaving feature in ML? I'm pretty sure it's not overheating since I only leave it on for a few minutes when it does this.

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  1. Alex

    Sounds like a memory corruption or something like this. Take the battery out when it happens.

    Which build are you using?

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    Latest build. It's been doing this a lot. Can't point out when it started specifically happening though since I haven't been shooting a lot but recently started doing a lot of filming. I usually do take the battery out when it happens but I'd like to fix the problem permanently. I've also done a fresh low level format and reinstall of ml a few times recently and the issue is still there.

  3. Former user Account Deleted

    Nvm, I think it's a problem with my battery grip or something. Everytime I nudge the tripod or cause vibration, the camera restarts.

  4. Aidan

    Not sure if this helps but I've got a "TRAVOR" 3rd-party battery grip and it's working fine with ML. I've used original and aftermarket batteries in it, for photos and also videoing.

    Also I found the battery grip needed to be pushed in firmly to make contact when it was brand new - more than the original Canon battery grips I've used. Once I did that a few times it seemed to loosen up a little and now fits snugly just from using the rotary screw, I don't need to push it in firmly anymore.

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