ML features do not work on my T1i

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kurtpetrey created an issue

I have a T1i with the firmware of 1.1.0. I downloaded the ml500d file as recommended by I installed the .fir firmware to allow my sd card to run ML. I then downloaded the file and copied the .cfg and .bmp file onto my card after using EOScard to prepare it to be bootable. I am using the autoexec.bin file from at the bottom of the page using the PreAlpha 1.07 version developed by Alins. I can click the trashcan and see the menu for all the functions, but I am unable to actually use any of the features. When I do get something to work I get an error asking me to reboot the camera. I get an err 70 Shooting is not possible due to an error. Turn the camera off and on again. One example is if I go to Movie mode and scroll to the focus menu. I can not change the Focus A: feature. it just stays at 0. I am unable to change the shutter or the aperture. I am able to change the ISO though as well as the contrast, sharpness and saturation. I am not sure why I can't use the other features though. Am I doing something wrong?

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  1. Alin Simionoiu

    i'm not sure i understand this part: "then downloaded the file and copied the .cfg and .bmp file onto my card"

    what's this step for?

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    don't I need the cfg and bmp file to run ML? When I used the cfg file and bmp file from the ml500d file. ML didn't work so I downloaded and used it's .cfg file which allowed the menu to work. What files should I be using because I am unable to get it to work properly.

  3. Alin Simionoiu

    you don't need the cfg file. the bmp files you need only if you want cropmarks, otherwise is working fine without them.

    i would say remove the cfg file, take the battery out and try again

  4. Former user Account Deleted

    ok, I removed the cfg file and now all I have is the autoexec.bin file on the card. I removed the battery and reinserted it. The menu comes up but I am still unable to change most of the settings like the aperture or the shutter or the Focus A: feature under the Focus menu. I really appreciate you helping me with this issue. I wonder if I have done something fundamentally wrong, but the process was fairly simple so I'm just not sure what to do.

    I'm not sure if this helps but right now my firmware version is 1.1.0-ml-2011F

    Can you think of anything else it might be. I have two different SDHC cards that I'm using. One is a 4G card and the other is a 16G card. Both are FAT32. Thanks again for all your help.

  5. kurtpetrey reporter

    I decided to revert back to 1.1.0 of canon's firmware and try again. I went to and redownloaded which in the description says that it is the updage for 1.1.0 ONLY. When I copy the fir file on my sd card and try to update the firmware I get an error. "Update file cannot be found. Please check the memory card and reload the battery and try again." So the file must not be compatible with the T1i?

    At this point I went back to the page and redownloaded the fir file from Chuchin that the directions suggest. Below are the steps I took.

    1. went to and skipped step 0. 2. I went to menu and with the camera in P mode and selected the third wrench. 3. I chose to clear settings 4. I chose Clear all camera settings 5. I formated my sd card with low level feature 6. I copied the magiclantern.fir file from the ml500d file created from chuchin. 7. I went to the firmware section from the third wrench. 8. I pressed OK for it to update. 9. The screen went black then went to the main display. 10. It did not display Done! like the picture suggests on 11. I checked the firmware and it states 1.1.0-ml-0.1.9 12. I copied the autoexec.bin file from the ml500d zip file that Chuchin made. 13. when I switch to movie mode I can see that the audio levels are displayed and at the bottom it shows f/ 5.6 1/ 125 ISO 0x00. 14. When I click on the trashcan nothing happens. 15. I went back to and downloaded your autoexec.bin file the PreAlpha 1.07 file. 16. Upon turning the camera on and into movie mode I can see the histogram as well. 17. When I click the trashcan the menu comes up. 18. I am back to where I was before. 19. I go to expo and try to change the shutter or the aperture, but I can't. When I hit the SET button nothing happens. 20. I went to the Focus section. I can change the Focus Dir, the Rack speed but I can't change the Focus A: feature.

    Thanks again for any help you can provide. I really appreciate it all.

    I did notice that the camera created 2 log files as well as a ROMO.bin file. Could this have anything to do with the issue? The ROMO.BIN file is a little over 9 megs.

  6. kurtpetrey reporter

    I forgot to write that I did use EOScard.exe to prep my card to read the autoexc.bin file after step 11.

  7. kurtpetrey reporter

    I was wondering if I need to upgrade the firmware with the fir file every time I reboot the camera. I have read in some instructions that this procedure is necessary but I read that I shouldn't do it after the first time.

  8. Former user Account Deleted

    Thanks for all the hard work in getting this ready. I know many people really appreciate it. I am having trouble finding the PreAlpha build 1.08 Package that is referred to in the T1i_installation instructions. Where can i go to download this package?

  9. Former user Account Deleted

    I tried the installation instructions, but I have the same problems.

    Step 4 - Adding the ML Build Edit Delete the magiclantern.fir off the SD Card Copy autoexec.bin, magic.cfg (from the fir ZIP Package) and cropmarks (from the PreAlpha build 1.08 Package) on your SD Card. Put the card in the camera. Switch on your camera, and Magic Lantern (autoexec.bin) will boot, you should see text come up on screen.

    I went to this step. The only differences I see is that the magic.cfg file is magiclantern.cfg from the 500D Fir file that I downloaded. I can't find a PreAlpha build 1.08 Package so I'm not sure if that's what I need. I am still using a SDHC card so I will try it all again with a standard SD card once I guy one.

  10. Former user Account Deleted

    I bought another sd card and i was able to format it and get magic lantern running, but I am still unable to use the software. it runs when I hit the trashcan, but I can't use any of the features. I am trying to use the focus feature, but I can't change the focus A setting. I can change the focus speed. when I set the focus rack and get out of magic lantern to start recording and try to get back into magic lantern to enable it, the camera acts like it takes a picture then doesn't get into magic lantern. I'm not sure what is going on. Has anyone ever heard of this happening?

    cropmks dir missing

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