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Issue #362 resolved

"Turn Display Off" ignored on next "Movie Restart"

Anonymous created an issue

Wow! I was about to sell my T2i, then a friend told me ML was ported to it and I have to say I LOVE it! Features I really needed are here: Movie Restart, Focus Peak, Audio Meters.

Now I see under debug "Turn Display Off" which is great. Problem is that the screen goes back on with the next "Movie Restart". I would love to keep the cam rolling for 60 minutes with the LCD off (to save battery and to help with overheating). Can this be modified to keep the screen off until either the user manually shuts off recording or changes the setting in ML config?

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  1. Anonymous

    Yes, I guess it would be a weird config setting, but having it be persistent thru the restart event would be fantastic. It helps keep the overheat indicator from coming on until 45 minutes instead of 25. It would also be less distracting where I use it to keep the lcd off (I shoot weddings). I sent you a donation -- keep up the great work!

  2. Anonymous

    This was with global draw on, I didn't know about that setting. This time I tested shooting at an identical static image with and without global draw. With it on, the overheat indicator went on at 35:42, with it off the indicator went on at 58:19. No other ML config settings were changed, just the movie restart. I will also try with global draw off and the lcd off (and manually shut lcd off at each 12 minute restart). I wonder if the indicator will stay off even longer?

  3. Anonymous

    Tremendous!! Same test, this time with the globaldraw off and lcd off. This allowed the T2i to run until the 32GB card was full, for about 81 minutes, without any overheat indicator. And my battery indicator didn't change either (using 2 batts in a grip). Incredible! I now have an awesome lock-off camera I can set and forget. Thanks Alex!!


  4. Anonymous

    I don't see a QScale menu item, only Bit Rate with settings of "FW default", "CBRe, 30m/s", "QScale -5". I do remember seeing the QScale menu previously, am I missing something?

  5. Anonymous

    OK, new tests. I set the QScale to +16 and it overheated at about 65 minutes. Ran once with global draw on and once with global draw off, both times with screen off. In this case it took 65 minutes to overheat each time. I then again tried with global draw on, screen off, and Bit Rate set to "FW default". This ran for about 80 minutes again before the overheat warning went on.

    So it appears that setting the QScale will also affect the time to overheat. I'm pretty happy with anything over 60 minutes, this is perfect. In fact I'm not sure what the outcome is with the warning flashing as it still records far longer.

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