5DMII ML 1.1.9 on 2.0.8 Camera almost DEAD!

Issue #365 resolved
Former user created an issue
  1. Camera auto off function set to 1 minute. Result: After this minute unused, Camera stays on, but no buttons work. Remove and insert battery and loading official firmware.

  2. ML loaded and used. Then Camera main power switch off. After one minute, top display "ERR" blinking. Removed and inserted battery. Camera is dead. Removed battery and inserted: Camera is dead Put an other battery in, the same. Removed the CFcard and battery. Waited for 15 minutes in wich i removed all ML stuff from the card. Than inserted the battery put the camera on but nothing happend. Put the camera off again and inserted the card. Switched the camera back on and the readlight lit up and luckely it worked.

This version is not stable!

The many other display problems seems to be reported by others.

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    I also have this problem. Not recommended. It can fry your camera and drive it useless if not careful

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